Welcome to Anna Loka; Cardiff’s first 100% vegan café.  A place where not only vegans, but all food lovers, can come and experience delicious vegan food in a relaxed and friendly environment.


Our exciting, and ever evolving menu, will delight your taste buds and change the way you think about vegan food forever!

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Tasty food that’s 100% ethical in relaxed surroundings, with slick service and a warm welcome – what’s not to like?

Tryst Williams
Wales Online

Not only is the food great but the staff are so passionate about what they are doing, this is totally reflected in the quality of the food. A great place to go for a meal.

Happy Cow

The pancakes where hands down the BEST pancakes I have ever eaten, vegan or dairy based, and I have eaten A LOT of pancakes.

A Crafty Chai

Definitely a place to head to for great food, irrespective of your dietary preferences.

Mark Gubb

The most beautiful vegan food in super trendy cafe. Chilled out vibe, lovely people, delicious food… Wish there was one in my neighbourhood.

Sian Carter-Jones