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Cruelty Free

July 31st, 2017 Posted by News, Press No Comment yet

You will be delighted to know that ALDI UK has been certified cruelty free for its entire own brand range of cleaning products.

Having a massive company like ALDI becoming cruelty free shows just how many people are becoming aware of the suffering of animals involved in household cleaning products.

Not only are there cleaning products vegan but they have many vegan food products for sale.

There are three and half times as many vegans in the UK than there was in 2006 making it the fastest growing lifestyle movement.

SHOP SMART – Go cruelty free

For your health, for the environment but most importantly to stop the suffering of animals.

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Fact Fridays

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The new Netflix film Okja has been a massive success spreading its raw message about the food industry, and what future we hold if we don’t make a change now. The film has had a massive impact on people of all generations and since, there has been an increase of veganism. People have started to research the meat and dairy industry since watching this film, there’s plenty to learn and you can do so by watching some of our favourite documentaries, here’s a few of them.

What the Health –




Forks over knives

Fat sick and nearly dead

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