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2023 Food Awards Wales

June 24th, 2023 Posted by News No Comment yet

We will be closed on the 26th as we will be attending the Food Awards Wales Ceremony in hopes to bring home the best ‘Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant for 2023’

Chakka Bao Buns

June 10th, 2023 Posted by News No Comment yet

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new starter ‘Chakka Bao Buns’ – shredded jackfruit in smokey tomato sauce  & peppers with lettuce, dressed with sriracha mayo topped with crispy onions. This will be added to our new menu launching on the 20th so don’t panic 

Save Anna Loka From Closing Down

June 1st, 2023 Posted by News No Comment yet
Hello to our Anna Loka community!
Thank you for clicking the link and for reading this. We have decided to set up this page to help Anna Loka survive. The reason we find ourselves at this point is firstly because we took over Anna Loka’s £10,000 debt in 2020 during Covid. We also had unexpected legal costs from the business takeover which added to our debt. Covid increased our debt and the cost of living crisis has impacted us greatly. Our energy bills, ingredient prices and rent have risen significantly.
Anna Loka was established in 2015 and is Cardiff’s first vegan restaurant. The restaurant was at risk of closing down back in 2020 but it was taken over and since had built a strong reputation across Wales and in the UK as one of ‘top 10 vegan restaurants to visit in the UK’ in the last 3 years. Anna Loka has won numerous awards and continues to offer delicious vegan food for vegans and non-vegans.
In the summer, as the sun comes out, restaurants get quieter and hotter. We would like to use some of the money raised to help install air conditioning so that customers can come in during the summer without having to roast.
Recently, we were victims of theft involving a substantial amount of the restaurant’s takings and also valuable equipment. Due to these unfortunate circumstances we risk closing down Anna Loka for good. However, your support could help our small business survive and continue making delicious vegan food for Cardiff.
We are crowdfunding for our very survival. We have a target of £20,000 for the survival of Anna Loka – the first vegan restaurant in Cardiff. Recent vegan restaurants and cafes have closed down permanently we do not want to be the next one to do so.
Please consider donating to support the survival of Anna Loka