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The Welsh Asian Food Awards

July 28th, 2022 Posted by News, Press No Comment yet

We have been nominated yet again for another award this year. We have made it through the nomination station and now have been made a finalist, the winner will be announced on 15th August. We want to thank our customers for nominating us and supporting us through the pandemic. We couldn’t have made it without the help of the public.

All Hallows ‘Eve

October 25th, 2017 Posted by Events, News, Press, Recipes No Comment yet

It’s that time of year again the leaves are falling, the coats and scarves are out, and we are getting are pumpkin carving kits at the ready.

Halloween is celebrated in many countries on the 31st of October, originally a time to remember the dead.

Now it is widely believed that many Halloween traditions originated from ancient Celtic harvest festivals and such festivals may have had pagan roots, apparently these festivals were Christianized by the early Church. But some believe however, that Halloween began solely as a Christian holiday, separate from the harvest roots.

Today Halloween has been massively commercialised, and many people now do things like trick or treating, costume parties, carving pumpkins, bonfires, watching horror films and going to haunted attractions. But there are also church services were loved ones of the deceased will light candles on their graves to remember and celebrate their lives.

Did you know that Christians historically abstained from eating meat on All Hallows’ Eve? This is a tradition reflected in the eating of certain vegetarian foods on this vigil day, including apples, potato pancakes, and soul cake’s.

This Hallows Eve at Anna-Loka we are holding a psychic supper you won’t want to miss all customers receive a psychic reading accompanied by a delicious four course meal.

Here is a link to one of our favourite blogs for a few frightening vegan recipes to get you inspired for this year.

45 Vegan Halloween Recipes

Happy Haunting 🙂


The Yoga Life

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No matter where you live in the world, how old you are or what you do for a living we all have one thing in common … Stress. We all get stressed and we all get tired we cant help it we are only human. But what do you actually do to relieve all that stress, anxiety and tension?

Our recommended coping mechanism? Yoga and meditation, of course! We know that yoga, relaxation, and mindfulness practices can work behind-the-scenes to help many problems.

You don’t need to be glued to your mat 7 days a week to get a into a peaceful state of mind, science suggests that all you need to do is at least 2 sessions a week and your on your way to a healthier happier you.

Now we all cant make it to a class every week because lets face it life gets in the way. You can do this in the comfort of your own home wheneva suits you best. One of my personal favourite yoga vlogs to follow is Boho Beautiful there is something for everyone on there.

Breathing also has the same effect as yoga. Taking 20 to 30 minutes a day to focus on abdominal breathing can reduce anxiety and reduce stress, as oxygen gets into the nervous system it promotes a state of calmness.

Not only does yoga release stress, anxiety and tension it has many other benefits such as it improves your flexibility, builds muscle strength, perfects your posture, protects your spine and joint breakdown, increases your blood flow, drops your blood pressure, helps you focus and generally makes you happier I could go on about all the benefits that yoga has to your mind and body but you would be reading for days, so grab a mat and join the yoga movement for a healthier happier more motivated you.

Thanks for reading.



Why Dairy Milk Is Bad For You

August 18th, 2017 Posted by News, Press No Comment yet


Today’s milk is a processed food. Until the end of the 19th century in Europe and the beginning of the 20th century in the US, milk was consumed unpasteurized or raw. Later on, homogenization became the industry’s standard. These processes further alter milk’s chemistry and actually increase its detrimental acidifying effects.

Under current industrial methods, cow’s milk is often a toxic brew of man-made ingredients like bio-engineered hormones, antibiotics (55% of U.S. antibiotics are fed to livestock), and pesticides—all of which are bad for us and the environment. For example, unintentional pesticide poisonings kill an estimated 355,000 people globally each year. In addition the drugs pumped into livestock often re-visit us in our water supply.

We are the only animals on the planet who take another animals milk and drink it for consumption. We are biologically designed to drink our own mother’s milk. Would you go and put your mouth to a cow’s nipple and start drinking it? It’s not a naturally occurring desire in my mind.


The biochemical make-up of cow’s milk is perfectly suited to turn a 65-pound new born calf into a 400-pound cow in one year. It contains, for example, three times more protein and seven times more mineral content while human milk has 10 times as much essential fatty acids, three times as much selenium and half the calcium. Some may like cow’s milk but drinking it is both unnecessary and potentially harmful.

Despite popular opinion, recent studies and exposes have shown that dairy can actually create osteoporosis in our bones. Not only do we barely absorb the calcium in cow’s milk (especially if pasteurized), but to make matters worse, it actually increases calcium loss from the bones. This increases your risk for fractures and more.

Many of the animals today are factory farmed and abused. Those are just a few of the reasons why milk isn’t the most optimal of foods for our bodies. But remember that it doesn’t stop there. Milk is found in cheeses, yogurt, non-vegan ice creams, whey protein, whipped creams and any type of dairy product.

Check out next weeks blog post to learn about the large selection of milk alternatives and why there better for you.




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Tea is the second most consumed beverage around the world with it being in almost every culture, in fact we go through millions of tea bags in just one day. Tea is there if your feeling a bit run down, getting in after a long hard day, having a chat with friends or just watching TV, tea is one of our all time favourite friend’s that gets us through day to day life.

But what we don’t know is that our everyday cup of tea actually contains plastic, polypropylene to be exact, which means they are not 100% biodegradable. Tea bags contains lower grade dust and fanning’s from broken down tea leaves. Now switching to loose leaf teas means not only are you getting rid of the plastic, you will be drinking from larger leaves which means more natural oils will be entering your body and don’t forget about all that tasty flavour!

There has been a lot of research done on loose leaf teas, because they hold so many antioxidants they’ve been known to prevent cancers, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, help with stress and acne, aid in weight loss and boost the immune system. They’ve also been found to hold anti aging and anti allergy components, you would hope that anything 100% natural would right?

So with that in mind wouldn’t you rather sip on a lovely flavoursome cup of natural loose leaf tea? So come down and choose a brew of your choice out of our wide selection here at Anna-Loka. 🙂

Cruelty Free

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You will be delighted to know that ALDI UK has been certified cruelty free for its entire own brand range of cleaning products.

Having a massive company like ALDI becoming cruelty free shows just how many people are becoming aware of the suffering of animals involved in household cleaning products.

Not only are there cleaning products vegan but they have many vegan food products for sale.

There are three and half times as many vegans in the UK than there was in 2006 making it the fastest growing lifestyle movement.

SHOP SMART – Go cruelty free

For your health, for the environment but most importantly to stop the suffering of animals.

Thanks for reading.


Fact Fridays

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The new Netflix film Okja has been a massive success spreading its raw message about the food industry, and what future we hold if we don’t make a change now. The film has had a massive impact on people of all generations and since, there has been an increase of veganism. People have started to research the meat and dairy industry since watching this film, there’s plenty to learn and you can do so by watching some of our favourite documentaries, here’s a few of them.

What the Health –




Forks over knives

Fat sick and nearly dead

Thanks for reading 🙂

Anna-Loka in Back to Front ’10 best Places to Eat in Cardiff’

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10 Best Places To Eat At In Cardiff


You can check out the article here

South Wales Echo Food and Drink Awards 2016-17 Vegetarian Category Winner: Anna-Loka

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These are the winners of the South Wales Echo Food and Drink Awards 2016 17 Wales OnlineThese are the winners of the South Wales Echo Food and Drink Awards 2016 17 anna-loka

South Wales Echo Food and Drink Awards 2016-17: Anna-Loka WINNING!

February 1st, 2017 Posted by Press No Comment yet

South Wales Echo Food and Drink Awards 2016 17 Vegetarian cafes and restaurants Wales Online